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The EduTech business is associated with making instruction arrive at the majority. At Argasia schooling Pvt Ltd We flourish to make EduTech Seamless and more comprehensive with understudies and educators. Argasia has been advancing mechanical advancement for the past four years and upgrading understudies' span to schooling. For applying at our esteemed organisation,candidates have to follow the below mentioned steps perfectly. This will ensure that they enter our organization smoothly.
Steps to be followed are:

Steps For Hiring Process


Select Your Position

This involves the candidate choosing his/her position of choice. Candidates have to make up their minds regarding the position they are comfortable with and choose that. Our organisation provides various positions of responsibilities such as, WordPress Developer, SEO executive, Content writer and many more.


Submit Application

In this step, candidates have to provide all the essential details required to register them. Our organization will provide a form in which all these details will be noted. Details include Name, Email, Phone number, position applied and so on. It is mandatory to upload resumes as well.


Review The Submission

Candidates are given an opportunity to check all the details entered by them in the application such that there’s no mistake which could later cause problems in their application process.


Written Assessment

After candidates submit their applications, a date and time will be chosen on which they’ll have a written screening process. In this, questions based on their positions will be asked. Candidates are expected to answer these with utmost sincerity as it will affect their chances.


Interview Process

Candidates who clear their written assessment will be then selected for an interview. This interview will be based on questions related to their field and also consist of some HR based questions.


Final Decision

After the completion of the interview, our experts will decide based on the written assessment and the interview, whether a candidate is suitable for the position or not.

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